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This post is about vindication. If you’ve been paying attention to the media cycle, you’ll see that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been under fire for some shady emails. There has not been much focus from mainstream journalists on this. Nor have they discussed how COVID-19 has changed our society at large.

We cannot deviate from the fray to critique the medical community. Lest you be cancelled. You must receive the unction to get your permission slip signed by the gatekeepers of Hollywood, the health community, and academia. From the onset of the novel COVID-19 *coughs* Plandemic *coughs* Scamdemic nothing has been certain.

One year and a half later, COVID has completely changed how we live; Dissociative Zoom meetings, unhealthy takeout have become the standard. Whereas, before they were the alternatives. So, we cannot work, congregate, commune, nor talk face-to-face. I mean, we can…But, it’s shunned now.

Quick shout out to Governors like Greg Abbot and Kristi Noem who have taken a stand against the tyranny of the federal Government! The media has drummed the phrase “trust the science” into our heads ad nauseum. Yet, the science has been coming from the leadership of one man primarily. Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci’s Emails

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks during a press briefing at the White House, Tuesday, April 13, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Via a FOIA request, Buzzfeed recently captured 3200 pages of Dr. Fauci’s emails from January to June 2020.  One of the emails was from the director of the Nation’s largest biomedical research facility. He said the “unusual features” of the virus indicate engineering. This gives some credence to the Wuhan Lab theory. Afterwards, Fauci responded telling him he’d call him… But, what was said in this phone call?

Despite this, Fauci publicly dismissed the the Lab Theory (like many) as a “conspiracy theory“. In April 2020, he got an email from NIH Director, Frances Collins. The subject line was “Conspiracy gains momentum”. Predictably, his response was redacted. Sidenote: Healthy cynicism and questioning the ruling class or Government are the reasons why America split off from the UK. Now, said healthy cynicism is something to be lambasted???

He also emailed with a former US Health Secretary. There, he admitted that masks only protect infected people. So, masks are useless for non-infected people! We all knew this anyway. His exact words about store-bought masks are below.

“They’re not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material”

Dr. Anthony Fauci (2020)

The Consequences of Masks


For socialization purposes masks are nonsensical. For example, consider the young kids who know no other world except where they must wear masks to live daily life. No doubt, not being able to see facial expressions or social cues can’t be helpful long-term. How can these kids grow up and form healthy empathetic relationships? Also, if I want to get sick, let me get sick. I don’t need government intervention. Additionally, it’s hard to talk with masks. Breathe too. They’re just eyesores.

The masks are like muzzles. Muzzles used for indentured servants. So characteristic! I don’t want to see hand sanitizer stations and social distance stickers at the grocery store. I don’t want temperature checks. Much less be harassed by workers about wearing a mask. over my nose and mouth.

There was even a death-toll ticker for COVID-19. Imagine what this all does to the collective consciousness of a country. By the way, to show how far the brainwash has gone; Folks even celebrated online when the CDC announced masks are no longer required! As if an arbitrary Government gives you your power and not yourself or your God.

Effects of Quarantine

Covid-19 quarantine coronavirus 

“Quarantine” is a cute word for prison. Prison inside of your own home. The ramifications of it are detrimental for urbanites. Those who live in food deserts with little to no access to fresh fruit and veggies. The indefinite feeling of quarantining and not being able to see your loved ones is hard. Especially, the very young and senior citizens. Upright citizens who just want to feed their families went out of work. Besides, the temporary solution of stimulus checks are just that. Temporary.

There were also curfew ordinances implemented across several cities. As if we’re children who need to adhere to a bedtime! Initially, in D.C. where I lived at the time, you couldn’t even roam around after getting home from work. You had to have a letter from your boss (on letterhead) to justify you being outside at a certain hour. Dystopian!

Vax Peer-Pressure Campaign

Kamala Harris

“Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.”

Vice President Kamala Harris via Twitter (2021)

Back in December 2020, VP Kamala went to Southeast, D.C. to get the jab. A deliberate nod to get its predominantly African American citizens (historically untrusting of medical science/vaccines) to follow her lead. Today, 23% of African-Americans have gotten vaccinated nationwide. Maybe it’s working.

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t the only one using their influence for vaccines. The list goes on. The Government has erased community, family, friends, church. Reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984 where the scope of the State grew. Why do perfectly fine, healthy, and virile young(er) people need to get the vaccination? Especially considering that COVID is typically fatal for the elderly and those with preexisting conditions?

So, word of advice; Natural selection will take you out before COVID. By the way, doing drugs because everyone else is doing it has never been the way. Now, it’s the fad and the ultimate virtue signal. Anyone who questions the “experts” is dismissed. Questions like: Are these celebs getting the saline injection? How’d they rush this vax so fast? Why’s there still no vax for HIV but there is for COVID? However, we who question all this think critically unlike the docile masses. We’re paranoid. Anti-vaxxers. Or conspiracy theorists.

Remember it’s only experimental. Not even FDA-approved. Johnson & Johnson even paused their vaccine after it was discovered to cause blood clots!

Silver Lining of the Pandemic


The dystopian phrases “alone together” and “stay home save lives” duped us into accepting this feigned normalcy. After the Government saw that people will blindly obey, they went wild. But, the silver lining of the Pandemic is it’s been a mirror. The Pandemic has shown people they aren’t happy with their lives. Maybe they married the wrong person. Or chose the wrong professions. Americans are unhappy about themselves. The increased idleness and solitude forced this. Finally, a brainlessly educated society is useless. Tons of degrees without critical thinking skills is ineffectual.


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