Sol G- Libre TV

Sol G is the owner and proprietor of SIG transportation, a trucking company based in Georgia. Along with this, he is the founder of LibreTv, a social media platform, to give podcasters true freedom of speech.

After college, Sol became a school teacher. He found this career path to be rewarding, however, he ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and work for himself. He began training and working as a truck driver. After working with the company for a few years, he eventually enrolled in a program that allowed him to start  his own trucking business. 

Previously, Sol became involved in podcasts, political in nature. He began using online platforms to create shows and content while building a strong audience. Sol created LibreTV, an online platform that supports channels and content with a huge emphasis on free speech. As Sol continues to build LibreTV he continues to support other content creators and be a welcome place for those who want to talk without restrictions.

“Truck Driving is a very underappreciated field… It would be nice if everybody understood how important and integral it is to society.”

– Sol G

Sol G had was interviewed on the Small Business Podcast and the Wasted Talent Podcast.

He spoke on several topics including where he grew up what it was like growing up in the Atlanta area. He also spoke on his transition from being an educator to becoming a business owner.

He also is extremely passionate about his newest business endeavor- The Libre Network.

Contact Sol G

Twitter: @50shadesofsolg