Patriot J is a full time law student and a rising star in the politically conscious hip-hop game. He has quite the story to tell about how he arrived at his political worldview, how that has been received, and what motivated him to study law.

Patriot J was raised in the sunny city of Palmdale, CA and is extremely proud of where he is from. He credits his “critical thinking” class in college as the catalyst which changed his perspective as it pertains to government. Patriot J has combined his love for the USA and hip hop music to communicate a powerful message on what he has learned. 

As a young entrepreneur, Patriot J has already mastered his social media marketing skills and generated strong sales and attention for his first album, “Patriot J.”


“They tryna silence me, but I won’t let it happen.

 Smooth Criminal of Thought, Michael Jackson”

-Patriot J

Patriot J was interviewed on the Small Business Podcast about several topics including: law school, political beliefs, and his rapid growth on social media.

He also spoke on his new self-titled album, “Patriot J.

The young Patriot isn’t afraid to speak his mind on important current events. The exclusive interview is a must watch.

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Twitter: @sirhottest


Album for purchase:

YouTube: Patriot J Music