This isn’t meant to be a long post or anything of the sort. But since the beginning of the “pandemic”, I have saved articles and videos knowing that they will be buried. In light of world class athletes suffering myocarditis its time to bring some key content back to light.

It was implied that the vaccine mRNA sequence was designed to tell the body to create spike proteins, and this would allow the body to adapt.

In 2020 doctors hinted that the spike protein is the real culprit of the illness. This was a core piece around the early use of hydroxychloroquine: the spike protein attacks cells in a very similar manner to malaria.

A logical conclusion would be that fighting covid, would be centered around fighting the spike protein-binding effectiveness. So the development of a vaccine designed to flood the body with spike proteins, seemed like a massive red flag.

Bellow you will find videos from early 2021 discussing how the spike protein and vaccines, have caused heart issues, autoimmune illness, and issues rivaling AIDS.

Myocarditis Pt. 1
Myocarditis Pt. 2
Myocarditis Pt. 3
Rivaling AIDS
Rivaling AIDS

Click here for the grab bag of screenshots, buried internet articles, and videos.
The internet articles are in a html format. So they will upload as a saved file, and not the actual website.

The screen shots are not titled because I think saving them to share with you was an A+ effort as is.


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