There are many questions a man must ask when dating an American woman but these are the most important. Please add these to your dating strategy to maximize your relationship investment opportunities—because relationships are investments.

When you date you should not be looking for ‘wife material’, you should be looking for mother material.

The mind of the mother will become the mind of the children.

Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe

Be careful who you sleep with because the church of the woke (through the mother) may put your kids to sleep, mentally.  

Before a man can begin seriously vetting for a partner he must first know himself. There are three main areas which a man must know himself before he can properly pair with a woman.

  • Spiritual Ideology
  • Financial Ideology
  • Political Ideology

Let’s say you’re an atheist but the woman you’re dating is a Christian woman. She may want your children to go to church and worship Jesus. Obviously, this will cause a conflict. 

What if you’re a Bitcoin investor and your dating prospect thinks cryptocurrency is stupid? Obviously, this will cause a conflict. Few things divide a family like money matters.

And finally, what if you’re a libertarian and your prospect is a liberal statist? Do you want your child to choose their gender? Do you want your child to be forced to study critical race theory? Do you want your son to become a feminist? Obviously, you can see how this can cause conflict.

Now that we’ve laid down some groundwork let’s get into the questions.

What are your top five favorite dishes to cook?

This is an overt way of asking, “Can/do you cook?” A woman who does not cook cannot nurture a family. A family should not be depending on DoorDash and dining out. It’s simply not economical and self-sustaining. Especially in the times of the ‘scamdemic’ and uncertainty, a family needs to be as self-reliant as possible. 

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

If you follow Men Of Order on Twitter then you know we hold conversations on Twitter Spaces every Tuesday at 8:30 PM ET. Well, last night this was one of the questions that was brought up and I found it to be an excellent opportunity to build a window of insight into your prospect. 

This question will tell you much about a woman’s ambitions and how successful she was at obtaining her dreams. 

What are you reading (intellectually consuming) right now?

Not everyone reads and that’s fine but people are still consuming content via video and podcast. What is your prospect consuming? Is it anything productive and educational? Or is she consuming mental-fast-food like reality TV shows, which deteriorates culture, values, and the mind?

If a woman is not growing mentally and you are, you will outgrow her since she is in a state of mental stagnation. This will certainly lead to a divide and you will drift to other women who are meeting this criteria. 

Also, the content she consumes will tell you much about her interests and the interests she’ll pass down to your children.

What’s your relationship with your parents like?

If your prospect can’t get along with her parents how can she get along with you? If her parents can’t get along with her what bad habits did they train her with? Do I even need to go into the detrimental effects of ‘no daddy at home syndrome?’ 

If a woman’s relationship with her parents is healthy, you may expect her to know how to love you and your offspring properly. 

How many children do you want?

This is self-explanatory. If you want 10 kids and she wants none then obviously there will be conflict. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Let’s be honest. The trajectory for America, due to socialism, is spiraling downwards. People need to consider contingency plans and leaving the country may become an option. If you’re dating someone who would like to stay in the states but you’re thinking about moving to Hotepistan, obviously there will be conflict. 

Or what if your prospect wants to stay in California and doesn’t mind the scamdemic mandates? Again, obviously, this will cause a conflict. 

If you had only one wish, what would it be?

This is the most important question you can ever ask a prospect. If you analyze their response you can learn much about them.

Their responses will fall under two categories. Selfish and selfless. If they wish for something for themselves then this is a selfish wish. If they wish for “world peace”, for example, this is a selfless wish.

Not all selfish wishes are necessarily bad. If your prospect wishes for material things then it can definitely be a red flag. In our Twitter Space, a woman wished to never have to work again. For you, this may be a green flag because she may prefer to be a housewife and homeschooling mother. 

With the selfish wish you can find the scarcity in a woman’s life—what she lacks. You can then decide if you can or want to help her fill that void or if it’s a hopeless cause. 

Sometimes, especially with a selfless wish, you can gain insight into her world view and where her mind is. For example, one woman wished that everyone would disconnect from mass-fakestream-media. This tells me that the woman is well aware of the most apparent threat to humanity in its current state. She was clever enough to attack the root of the problem.


In conclusion, if you’ve scored a date with a woman then you do not need to try hard. You don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to impress her. Most women know from the first time you interact if you’re a serious prospect or not—you’ve probably checked off most of her needs if you’re on a date with her. If you try too hard to impress her you could ruin the connection.

What you must do is qualify her. It’s her job to impress you. You are the one with the provisions and protection which she is seeking to procure. Set a standard and don’t lower the bar. Too many men accept only the minimum like beauty. Make her swoon you!

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